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    Electrical Devices

    Do NOT operate TVs, vacuums or other appliances while standing on wet carpet or floors, especially not on wet concrete floors. Serious injury may result.

  • Easy on the Pockets


    Do NOT use heat to dry closed building interiors; mildew and expanded moisture damage may result. This will cause more problems and more extraction.

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    Wet Fabrics

    Do NOT leave wet fabrics in place; space them apart and dry as soon as possible.

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    Timing is Everything

    Track contaminated material into undamaged areas. Every second counts and proper precautions need to be taken.

Why us?



Are you in need of a Water Damage Restoration Emergency Service in Alpine, CA? We will come to your home or business in Alpine, CA with high accuracy Water Damage hygrometers and other Water Damage measuring devices and calculations to evaluate the levels the water damage and the effects of the moisture in the carpets, floors, walls and ceilings. If through our testing levels of Water Damage moisture are higher than normal in Alpine, CA, we will begin the water damage drying process immediately.  

We will make sure to do all required tasks in the restoration of the damage and will set up our state of the art desiccant and refrigerant dehumidifiers, air movers, or other machines as needed in Alpine, CA.  This will result in the removal excess Water Damage moisture from the air and surfaces of your property, which can cause future mold and health hazards to the air, which can result is very serious health issues for you and your family. Heavily damages materials might require demolition and Water Damage restoration.  

The moisture may cause mold in the inner walls of your home and can cause damage to the foundation of your home in Alpine, CA.  For situations of flood or high levels of water in a structure we will use our truck and portable water extraction units that will automatically and continually pump out the water from your home and or business until it is completely ready for drying.  This is a Water Damage process that takes experience since if the job is not done correctly in Alpine, CA, many negative effects can occur that can result in the devalue of your home due to high levels of Water Damage and mold.  A professional and experienced Water Damage contractor in Alpine, CA is needed to restore the home after the demolition to bring the home or business in Alpine, CA back to its normal state.  

We also handle full remodeling and Water Damage reconstruction in Alpine, CA.  This is very important, and can even bring your home or business in Alpine, CA to an ever better situation even after the Water Damage disaster has occurred.  We are Water Damage professionals in remodeling and Water Damage reconstruction in Alpine, CA, whether it be your bathroom, kitchen, or garage, we handle any location of the home and have built and designed amazing work in Alpine, CA.  

If a Water Damage flood has occurred in your home, early detection could mean the difference between a simply mop-up job and a major Water Damage reconstruction repair.  This is why every seconds counts when it comes to water damage restoration in Alpine, CA.  Sometimes just a few routine maintenance tasks can avoid an unneeded insurance claim which could increase your monthly insurance bill.  

If you are a resident in Alpine, CA and are looking for more information, please check our homepage for more information.  

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